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Barbecue – Discourse Community

The barbecue discourse community has many influential people that make up the community. Stacy Franklin is a barbecue enthusiast that began backyard cookouts along with Aaron Franklin. Franklin is the brains of the duo, she was able to use her skills to craft several marketing strategies to push the barbecue business to a bigger audience. From creating multiple barbecue business operations to eventually crafting a perfectly made “Franklin Barbecue Sauce.” The Franklins’ hard work and patience pushed them through life as they earned their now infamous business. Starting from Amarillo, Texas, and moving to Austin at a young age, Franklin developed skills that led Stacy to land a barbecue business. I find this to be inspirational as well because she had to take on many responsibilities at a time due to the demand for their one-of-a-kind barbecue products. Eventually, more and more people heard about “Franklin Barbecue” and wanted to try it out for themselves. 

Their barbecue was rated “very good” by critic Pete Wells, increasing their popularity as well, which illustrates how much Stacy and Aaron Franklin love their business. Having a family of their own can be challenging for entrepreneurs like them, but Stacy Franklin stated how she is able to work around those challenges and present ideas that she is proud of. She keeps the company afloat by allowing herself to make mistakes because no one else can run the place as well as she can. Overall, Franklin is a great businesswoman and a deep thinker. Being the brains of the operation shows how much Aaron owes his business and status to her. Not everyone can create a product that people love that much unless there is a person with great ideas and perfect execution. Their meat might seem expensive but people buy it regardless, showing that Franklin Barbecue is the perfect mix of quality and quantity.





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