Why studying music’s effect on society is crucial

It is important to study how music affects society because it changes people’s perspectives based on topics integrated into the music’s meaning and the expression that allows the audience to understand the music beyond the surface. Perspective wise, music contains topics that affect a person’s mood and how they view that form of music. ForContinue reading “Why studying music’s effect on society is crucial”

Discourse Communities

Discourse communities are a group of people (communities) that connect through the way they speak, use a particular language, references, and body language. I’ve seen these communities in real life and through the screen. They have this connection that only people in that group can have; they understand a specific reference, share inside jokes, andContinue reading “Discourse Communities”

College English Courses and their importance for students

Of the five types of college English courses, the two most important and useful courses for college students to take are Technical Writing and Composition. First of all, technical writing is very important for a student’s professional career because the course offers multiple skills such as editing documents, writing resumes, and other specifications that preparesContinue reading “College English Courses and their importance for students”

Adolescents on World Religion and its place in the classroom

It should be mandatory for every high school student to take a World Religions class before they graduate because it promotes world culture and it can shape the education system through a student’s educational ideals. The first reason is high school students should acknowledge other cultures because religion can be a big part of theirContinue reading “Adolescents on World Religion and its place in the classroom”

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