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How Hip Hop Can Be Healing – Annotation

Crooke Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Music Therapy, A., & Travis Jr. Associate Professor of Social Work, R. (2022, March 8). The healing power of hip hop. The Conversation. Retrieved April 12, 2022, from Many take hip hop as a negative form of expression, some even blame the genre to be the main reason for theContinue reading “How Hip Hop Can Be Healing – Annotation”


Teens Affected By Rap Annotation

Ryan, C. O. (2020, January 14). How certain music genres affect teens. How To Adult. Retrieved April 12, 2022, from The article discusses how teens are directly affected by rap music, which can consist of positive or negative effects. Teens are attracted to rap as it contains topics and imagery interesting to them and allowsContinue reading “Teens Affected By Rap Annotation”

Annotated Bibliography Entry

Policy Statement—Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth. (2009). American Academy of Pediatrics Retrieved from  The article discusses music’s impact on modern adolescents and how that can have a positive or negative effect towards their behavior. Music that contains explicit lyrics and inappropriate meanings can be a problem toContinue reading “Annotated Bibliography Entry”

Advice for First Paper

To write your first paper in this course you need to follow these two pieces of advice, be passionate about what you are writing and create multiple outlines to formulate your essay. First of all, you will be given multiple essay prompts to choose from, which are all packed with multiple points and research thatContinue reading “Advice for First Paper”

Rap Music’s Influence

My survey discusses the influence of Rap music throughout certain eras that marked the upbringing of many artists, the controversy of topics covered and if it matters to the public. Fifteen people filled out the form, including their age and ethnicity. Surprisingly, the numbers were scattered throughout the survey. People in the age range ofContinue reading “Rap Music’s Influence”

Why studying music’s effect on society is crucial

It is important to study how music affects society because it changes people’s perspectives based on topics integrated into the music’s meaning and the expression that allows the audience to understand the music beyond the surface. Perspective wise, music contains topics that affect a person’s mood and how they view that form of music. ForContinue reading “Why studying music’s effect on society is crucial”


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